Should Marijuana Be Illegal Drugs?

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Have you ever believed in something and later came to the realization it just wasn’t true? Perhaps when you were younger, all the children believed in great ole Saint Nick until we became older and realized their really isn 't a fat white guy sliding down the chimney delivering presents to families. Well I once had a belief until one day that all changed. Her name was Marijuana.

Many people hold extreme views regarding drugs, especially illegal drugs. Anti-drug individuals often present a view of all illegal drugs as horrendous and without any redeeming qualities. I used to be this individual. Before my newfound discovery I believed marijuana usage was unacceptable , while despising the users. I perceived marijuana as a gateway drugs to other harmful dangerous drugs and a narcotic that honestly ruined individuals lives. Personally I believed that marijuana made individuals lazy , while forcing users into having lackadaisical motivational attitudes and being negligent with their futures and education.

All of my asinine and irrational beliefs on this narcotic all came to a hault the day I experienced my first high. The first time I got high was after graduation practice and it honestly was one of the best days of my life. My best friend and I decided we would reward ourselves for exceling and graduating high school. My experience smoking marijuana for the first time was sensational. The euphoric feeling I felt had me sitting on cloud nine. All of my worries and stress I had…

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