Should Marijuana Be Kept Unlawful In The United States?

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Legalization keeps progressing in advance, but because of many years of government obstructions on research, there is nearly not enough known about the dangers of marijuana, or the benefits. Marijuana in the United States is classified as a Schedule 1 substance, which is defined for substances that have significant risks, such as addiction, but, in theory, have no medical benefits, making it difficult to obtain medical marijuana to do clinical trials (Doctor's Case for Medical Marijuana 14). With four states permitting its use for both medicinal and recreational purposes and 24 states only for pharmaceutical, there has been many thoughts whether this plant should be kept unlawful in the United States or not (Ingraham 2). Activists believe that the legalization will provide many benefits to the citizens as well as the economy, but antagonists think it will just make it easier for people to obtain it for recreational purposes. Although this may seem true, study proves that there was a significant decrease in the underground market after legalizing marijuana in Colorado, which meant less people were consuming it recreationally. Enforcing laws against something that is naturally grown is unnatural; therefore, marijuana usage for recreational and medicinal purposes should…show more content…
From providing citizens with efficient rehabilitation to funding public government programs, legalization of this naturalistic-growing plant would be reasonable. For the states that experimented with the legalization, came with a surplus of constructive results with little to no consequences. Instead of discriminating marijuana, opponents and legislators should consider the benefits than to keep it illegal. After all, “weed the people” have a say in the government and majority of citizens now support marijuana legalization in the United States of Amarijuana (Ingraham
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