Should Marijuana Be Legal? Cannabis?

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Introduction Many people say that medical cannabis heals diseases and helps symptoms, and other illnesses such as, sleep disorders, psychological disorders, Alzheimer 's, and many different issues that affect individuals and their families every day. Cannabis plants can grow in the wild or with the help of humans in an indoor hydroponic system; outdoors marijuana grows in tropical, temperate areas in any climate. Marijuana, an extract from cannabis, is made from dried cannabis leaves and flowers that are composed of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol or THC that can be converted to oils and hashish. These forms of cannabis can be put in foods and gum or can be smoked in cigarette-like rolls. People fighting malignant diseases tend to use the oil form that can be drunk or rubbed onto skin as a lotion. The real question is, does cannabis help cancer patients? Should cannabis be used in medical facilities? What are the states laws regarding cannabis use? Is cannabis used differently among cultures?
Cannabis Has A Positive Effect On People Fighting Cancer There is evidence showing that cannabis has a positive effect on people fighting cancer, but most of the evidence is hardly debatable. One study suggests that cannabis is better than synthetic products that are used to treat cancer such as chemotherapy, radiation treatments, and immunotherapy. Cancer patients were asked to join the study at a guidance session then given a medical marijuana license following the license; patients…

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