Should Marijuana Be Legal?

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Should Marijuana Be Legal?
In order to start a discussion about whether marijuana should be legal, we must first begin with the history of marijuana. How long has marijuana been around? The earliest recorded use of marijuana is from the island of Taiwan off the coast of mainland china over 10,000 years ago in the Stone Age (Marijuana, 2014). They wove their clothes and made their shoes from hemp. The first paper was made from a combination of crushed hemp fibers and mulberry tree bark. This fact would later lead to the illegalization of marijuana, for reasons to be explained later. Around the first century B.C.E., marijuana is mentioned in the Materia Medica, a kind of herbal medical manual. In Japan, hemp fiber was highly regarded among the Japanese and used for Japanese clothes, bedding, mats and nets. Hemp fiber is mentioned many times in Japanese legends, and also in ceremonial purification rites. The ancient world abounds with tales of the use of cannabis by numerous cultures in many countries, among the ancient Rome. The Romans had their own version of the Materia Medica for the Western world. Again mentioned among its pages is cannabis. The use of cannabis, also known as hemp, spread throughout the Middle East and also spread to the New World. In 1619 farmers in Jamestown Virginia colony were required to grow hemp. In 1840 medicines with cannabis were available in United States pharmacies. Even George Washington grew hemp (42, 2014).
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