Should Marijuana Be Legal?

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Drug use has been and still is an extensive concern among societies. Due to its effect on our mental and physical states it is dangerous to be on a substance when operating in a fast paced world such as ours. Thus, drug use is checked in screening processes by many employers and forbidden among our youth since children and young adults are more vulnerable to misuse. With the legalization of marijuana all parents should be concerned as what was once an illegal drug is now easily accessible to youth of all ages. The chances of exposure to marijuana and all its strains among teens is almost certain and it is up to parents to protect their children from a newfound threat. A major debate revolves around the medical aspect of the drug; it requires a license for purchase but how difficult is it to obtain this license? The age limit to qualify for a license is 18, only 3 years younger than the legal age to purchase alcohol which is well known to have an effect on decision making. There are many people who voice their opinions on this topic including presidential candidate Carly Fiorina who says that the legalization of marijuana is a bad idea.
Although the legalization of marijuana solves several problems at hand, it also creates new ones that may be even more detrimental to our society such as indecent exposure of it to our youth and excessive use leading to addiction. Marijuana often has been characterized as the “gateway” drug that leads to further illicit drug use and
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