Should Marijuana Be Legal?

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I also found the video to be very informational and it gave me a great understanding of how one becomes a marijuana addict. Just as many of the interviewees said, I agree with you that I myself did not have a lot of prior information about marijuana addiction and how the people who do have it are suffering severely. This videos raised my awareness of this problem within our society. I believe having this awareness is important because we all make our own misconceptions and have preconceived notions of certain people and ideas. As you mentioned, I have known people as well who have stated, that they needed to smoke in order to “function”. I myself did not really believe that was possible from what I learned from health courses in high school and in college. I did not fully understand the dependency and how it affects one’s life until now. Again, as you mentioned, marijuana is widely known as a non-addictive substance, people do not usually take any talks of addiction seriously. In the documentary David mentioned, how it was difficult for him because he felt like he constantly had to defend the fact that he was addicted, whereas if he would have been addicted to meth or heroin, no one would question him about it (Goldenkranz, 2011).

In addition, as I mentioned in my initial post, the text mentioned that marijuana is the most widely used illegal drug (Fisher & Harrison, 2013). With this being said it is very foolish to think that people could not have an addiction or…

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