Should Marijuana Be Legal?

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Marijuana use, be it for medical or recreational purposes, is quickly becoming a more socially acceptable activity within the United States. As time goes on and more is understood about the medicinal qualities of marijuana, the longstanding illegality of the substance has come into question within many states across the country. With marijuana being legalized in multiple states for medical, and sometimes even recreational purposes, the looming federal ban on the substance is at conflict with state law and is causing some problematic legal situations. For the workplace, there is little said about employee rights within state laws on marijuana. Thus, disabled employees who may legally use medical marijuana within their state could still be punished by employers who are citing federal law. Coats v. Dish Network LLC is a currently ongoing case in Colorado that is an example of the gray area between state and federal law in regard to marijuana use. Brandon Coats was a customer service representative at Dish Network, and was licensed to legally use marijuana for medicinal purposes. Coats was largely paralyzed from the neck down due to a car accident, and used medical marijuana to treat painful muscle spasms that occurred due to his injuries. Although medical marijuana is legal in Colorado, it is still considered an illegal substance by Dish Network and not allowed under their drug testing policy. Therefore, after undergoing a routine drug test in 2012, Coats was found to have
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