Should Marijuana Be Legal?

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Marijuana is arguably the most controversial drug in history. In general, when someone hears the word “drugs” they think of a terrible substance that will destroy the human body. However bringing up marijuana, many people think of different things. Some think of a degenerate hippie, but many Americans simply do not know what to think, and bringing up the legalization of the substance is even more controversial. There is a large group of people that believe the legalization of marijuana is pointless and only serves the purpose of making people unhealthy, but at the same time there are many that believe its legalization will solve many problems in America. Marijuana should be a legal, regulated drug because of its long history, the United…show more content…
Woodward challenged the propriety of passing legislation based only on newspaper accounts and questioned why no data from the Bureau of prisons or the Children 's Bureau supported the FBN 's position.” ("Marijuana Use Should Be Decriminalized.") Not only is this a clear reason for the court 's decision to be revisited, but it is a question that has gone without a good answer for far too long. Another reason that marijuana should be legalized is the clear connection, it would have on our economy. Now it is no secret that the United States is in debt, but it is less known that marijuana can be a key component in fixing this problem. There are currently “...30,000 prisoners doing time for marijuana-related charges…” ("The War on Drugs Should Not Include Marijuana.") A large part of our economic crisis has to do with the overcrowding of our prisons. Each person in prison is taking taxpayer money that could certainly be better used for a number of things; such as better education, better healthcare, and more. The people arrested for marijuana charges are typically normal American people that used the drug to relax or get rid of stress. They are not drug dealers or violent degenerates that deserve to spend time in prison away from their families. There is also the issue of how much it costs the government to keep marijuana away from people. “...a significant chunk of the ONDCP’s funding has also gone toward media

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