Should Marijuana Be Legal?

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Marijuana is arguably the most controversial drug in history. In general, when someone hears the word “drugs” they think of a terrible substance that will destroy the human body. However bringing up marijuana, many people think of different things. Some think of a degenerate hippie, but many Americans simply do not know what to think, and bringing up the legalization of the substance is even more controversial. There is a large group of people that believe the legalization of marijuana is pointless and only serves the purpose of making people unhealthy, but at the same time there are many that believe its legalization will solve many problems in America. Marijuana should be a legal, regulated drug because of its long history, the United States growing economic crisis, and the strong medical purpose it has. Marijuana has been poorly represented in our history, even though it has been used for centuries. The earliest traces of its use dated back to 4500 years ago. It has also been very prominent in general American history, “Some colonies even made hemp cultivation compulsory, calling its production necessary for the ‘wealth and protection of the country’.” ("Marijuana Use Should Be Decriminalized.") This shows the positive effect that marijuana had on the early development of our country. Now this leads many people to the question, “If marijuana was so great then why was it made illegal?” The answer to this question is that it began to become associated with African American…

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