Should Marijuana Be Legal?

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Cannabis-focused media has recently been on the rise as a result of its recent legalization in several States in the United States. The legalization has attributed to the creation of a high demand for cannabis related news. The primary characteristics that have been linked to marijuana making the headlines of the news is its ability to generate revenue for the States and the media that is set to handle all the marijuana advertisements. The promise to help the media recover from its loss of revenue as a result of cigarette ad ban has seen the media stand firm on its decision to support the legalization. The effort of the media publicizing the legalization of marijuana has so far succeeded.
The recent rise of marijuana media comes as more general assessment surveys demonstrate that a dominant part of Americans now bolster sanctioning the drug. As of now, medicinal weed is as permitted in 23 states and, on the other hand, recreational utilization is legal in four States, or more Washington, D.C. As it stands, it seems like few more states could sanction pot in 2016 decisions. As the States continuously join the others in making pot legal, the news industry is not running out of ink since the marijuana story is given extensive coverage. The aspect of the media channels have been linked to the effective move by the States, and this has been so far been treated as a positive move by both the media and the responsible State officials. The paper seeks to highlight the…

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