Should Marijuana Be Legal For Medical Purposes?

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Marijuana has shown itself and its derivatives to be profoundly successful in treating a multitude of diseases, their symptoms or side effects of their treatments. Marijuana should be reclassified from Schedule 1 agent and more studies done into the other possible medical uses for this drug. Opposition to the idea of making medical marijuana legal argue that the drug is dangerous. It can’t be more dangerous than the opioids and other more dangerous drugs already available by prescription. In states where medical marijuana is legal, the statistics of drug overdose deaths have dropped as much as twenty-five percent. Patients are suffering, a possible solution to that suffering is available; let’s make medical marijuana legal.
Marijuana should be made legal for medical purposes because it has proven to be an effective treatment option in many disabling diseases, causing public and professional opinions to change toward its medical value. Furthermore, patients seeking relief should not be subject to criminal charges for trying to improve their quality of life. Legalization will enable regulation allowing for consistency in dosage or potency and eliminate other risks associated with black market acquisitions.
The second leading cause of death in the United States is cancer; that means a large portion of our population deals with this illness. Cannabinoids are chemicals found in marijuana. Cannabinoids were introduced in an animal study and demonstrated effectiveness in…

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