Should Marijuana Be Legal?

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Casee Nielsen
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SOC Drugs 3150

This video I watched “Should Pot be Legal?”, brought up some really good points about the legalization of marijuana and it showed both sides of the argument. There was two people back and forth debating if marijuana should be legal or illegal. Hutchinson was against legalizing marijuana and Ethan Nadelmann was for legalizing marijuana. As it goes for me I agree with Ethan Nadelmann, I think that medical marijuana should definitely be legal and people should be regulating it. A great point was brought up that marijuana has been proven that it helps people with severe medical conditions, for example it has been a huge success for people with arthritis. I agreed with Hutchinson when he said that legalizing marijuana is going to cause more drug problems with young kids. Which I also kind of agree with but also at the same time, if kids are wanting to get a hold of some marijuana it is easier for them to access it than it is for them to access alcohol. It was said in the video that there are 750,000 people each year getting arrested for possession of marijuana, I agree with Ethan Nadelmann when he says that is just ridiculous. It is less expensive to legalize marijuana than it is to arrest people for having possession of it. It was said in the video that “whatever the risk there are at keeping marijuana legal, is less than continuing with the prohibition policy.” Only 90 percent of these cases the people
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