Should Marijuana Be Legal?

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Prepare a plan for each of the topics; write a thesis statement and complete the introduction

1. Marijuana should be legal, because it is harmless, and it is an effective medicine for many kinds of diseases.

- Marijuana should be legal due to its variety of health benefits
- Marijuana is an effective medicine for many kinds of diseases
- Marijuana legalization would help boost the economy

Thesis Statement: Why shouldn’t marijuana be legal due to its variety of health benefits, its effectiveness for combating many diseases and its role to help boost the economy?

Marijuana (cannabis) is a greenish-gray mixture of dried, shredded leaves and flowers of the hemp plant called cannabis sativa. It is the most used drug worldwide. The main active ingredient in marijuana is titled delta-9-tetrahydro-cannabinol, mostly known as THC, which enables users to feel “high.” Despite, the many negative statements about marijuana, it is compact with loads of benefits. Some of the most common benefits are: its ability to treat glaucoma; it may reverse the carcinogenic (toxic) effects of tobacco and improve lung health; it can control epileptic seizures; and lastly, cannabidiol (CBD) –the chemical found in marijuana—stops cancer cells from spreading. With marijuana’s handful of health benefits, I would support the legalization of this herb, also it will improve the economy by providing jobs for cultivators and supplying them with customers. Marijuana should be legal due to its…

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