Should Marijuana Be Legal?

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Cannabis, also known as marijuana among other names, is a preparation of the Cannabis plant intended for use as a psychoactive drug or medicine. Marijuana smoking remains the most prevalent form of illicit drug use in the United States and has even been legalized medicinally in twenty-four states. Four of these states, including Colorado and Washington, have legalized marijuana for recreational use. This means that it is treated like a controlled substance, like alcohol or tobacco, and anyone the age of twenty-one and above can walk into a public shop and buy marijuana for legal use. Who are we kidding? Marijuana will always be prevalent, legal or not. Where it is not legal, more than half of these states’ drug arrests are for weed. It is the least dangerous recreational drug and has little to no risk factor and has prevalent medical and industrial benefits, leaving us confused by claims to keep marijuana illegal. Cannabis has been used as a medicine for thousands of years. The first published evidence of medical cannabis use dates back to 2800 B.C. in China. “The Chinese compendium of herbal medicines, the Pents 'ao, first published around 2800 BC, recommended cannabis for the treatment of constipation, gout, malaria, menstrual problems and rheumatism.” (Maule 1) It was not until the late 20th century that the medical effects of marijuana on the human body were explored and interest in its medicinal properties have since been ever expanding. There is a wide range of

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