Should Marijuana Be Legal? Essays

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Marijuana, which started as a simple, harmless drug has seen a drastic increase in popularity throughout the past half century. With its newfound home among the popular hallucinogens, this once harmless drug has now evolved into a gateway drug, opening the door to many more harmful and more deadly drugs.Although marijuana has proven to be beneficial towards certain medical conditions such as Glaucoma, the drug’s harmful effects on the human body and its addictive nature serve as good motive for it to be outlawed. With all of the drugs that are in use, marijuana seems to be the main substance that is obtained and or used among young teens and adults of all ages(Cassandra J. Dorius, Stephen J. Bahr, John P. Hoffmann and Elizabeth Lovelady…show more content…
If Marijuana was legal and there was no age limit as to when people could begin to smoke it, there would be absolute chaos in kids’ lives as they continued to progress. At first everything would seem fine, but thirty years or so down the road those kids, along with those who joined in smoking Marijuana, will have some serious issues.
Of some of the effects that marijuana can have on the body, many of the effects can either be long term or short term, depending on the amount of marijuana that the user of the substance uses throughout the time that they smoke. Many of the short term effects are no where near as bad as the long term effects, due to the fact that some of the long term effects could possibly alter the users DNA.(Josh Wright) Some of the short and long term effects consist of hallucinations, fantasies, paranoia, laid back, red eyed, bronchitis, emphysema, sore throat, pulmonary disease, impaired motor skills and dryness of mouth est.
While most marijuana users consider this drug to be harmless, most other big institutions such as police unions and alcohol and tobacco companies consider marijuana to be a threat. Also, schools are finding that marijuana is
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