Should Marijuana Be Legal?

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Marijuana’s popularity has grown every year and who knows when it will reach its peak. This will talk about the positive effects of marijuana and why it should be legal from an opinionated view with factual information included. It also shows how it would benefit people with minor to serious medical issues. The effect that the legalization of marijuana would have will be discussed as well. Alcohol, which is legal, is compared to marijuana, and how it is more dangerous than the drug and the long-term effects as well. Marijuana has come along way since it was first introduced to us, and its history will be explained. You will learn a lot more about marijuana than you did before, and probably won’t think of it as a drug, but as something that could benefit people in society today. More and more uses for marijuana have been discovered over the years and I’m sure there will be more to come in the future. Hopefully, you have a different view on the subject and you have questions after you read through. Nobody has the answer if it is truly good for you or if it is bad for you. We still are learning about this plant, and what it can bring to the table for us. It is pretty amazing how far this country has come to discovering what marijuana can do to benefit people’s lives. Throughout this paper, you will learn why marijuana should be legal. The main reasons that will be explained are medicinal reasons, far less crime, and it is less dangerous than alcohol. Before all that is

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