Should Marijuana Be Legal?

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Marijuana can be a very addicting drug to most people, especially young adults. Most young teens engage in marijuana usage as their first drug of choice. “Marijuana is known as the most common type of illicit drug use is, and the vast majority of those users are what some have called “recreational” or “social” or “casual” users” (Hart & Ksir, 2015). Many people like to smoke among others in order to be social with one another. Young teenagers often enjoy smoking marijuana at a party, friend’s house, or alone. Marijuana users have reported they feel in a better mood, or more relaxed when smoking this drug. “Many experienced users have also reported more of the positive effects of this substance, partly because of associations from their prior use in the past” (Hart & Ksir, 2015). People also stated marijuana helps them sleep better, or fall asleep at night. Other users have reported they feel more accomplished when smoking marijuana. Everyone has different reactions when using marijuana. Young teenagers from ages 12-18 and young adults ages 18-20 have reported higher rates of marijuana use (NIDA, 2016). There are many different reasons that may explain this trend among young teenagers. For instance, peer pressure results in a lot of teens and adolescents of trying marijuana. Many people try this drug, because they want to fit in with a certain crowd. Many people who engage in marijuana usage later find themselves depending on the substance. For example, people state they

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