Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

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Cannabis is known to be the second most widely used drug in the United States. Yet, the government pays millions fighting to keep it out of the United States. All the while it can be argued cannabis treatment is some of the most natural and effective therapy for multiple aliments and illnesses. The government is fighting to keep a substance illegal that could possibly bring in revenue as well as fight many common diseases. Marijuana is so versatile that if it is legalized for medical use it would produce revenue boosts while being a diverse resource and treating a multitude of illnesses, all while giving patients natural and effective cannabis treatments. Marijuana is very widely used around the world, and this makes it powerful. When something has a large base of supporters and activists it can be assumed that the object is widely used and therefore widely bought and sold. If the government were to legalize the plant it could become a large source of income through the use of taxation. Also If sanctioned by the Government, cannabis could be largely controlled and reduce the amount of arrests and the number of drug dealers found in the country. But the plant is not only used for one thing; the other parts of the plant can be used for many purposes.
If these other countries are benefiting from cannabis growth, it should become apparent to the US government that there is something to gain from this diverse plant known as cannabis.
However, cannabis usage does not stop

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