Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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The American coalition- an anti-immigrant group in 1980 had this to say about the drug, “Marihuana, perhaps now the most insidious of narcotics, is a direct byproduct of unrestricted Mexican immigration.” It is through seclusion, Nixon’s outright war on drugs, and society’s fervent dislike for marijuana user that the subculture grew. It came to a point where one could not discern fact from myth about marijuana in the 60s/70s war on drugs, mainly because no research was allowed.
We must ask ourselves, why was this so, why was this one psychedelic drug as Nixon called it “ Public Enemy Number One”. This drug became somewhat of a political tool to twist and turn making sure the general public’s ignorance stayed unabated, during a whole country against a subculture with no real fact or reason that had been tested or challenged. Was cannabis subculture as threatening as Nixon made it seem in the 70s? The fact remains that we as a society don’t have enough evidence on what marijuana really is and what it can do. We can’t make judgments about anything when those judgments aren’t evidence-based. As a result a whole subculture was in a sense “ganged-up” upon without any real evidence to support this alienation. Even though we may have studies being done on this, none of this is from reputable sources in the USA but from other countries, The US government in the 70s and 80s essentially refused to let such research take place on American soil as it was as Nixon put it. Which then begs…

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