Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Aashish Pandey
Dr. William Carney
English Comp. 1113
2 December 2014 Legalization of marijuana According to Wikipedia, marijuana is a name for cannabis plant and a drug preparation made from it. Commonly it is named as cannabis, bud or weed, pot or ganja. I have found marijuana to be one of the most controversial things in United States. Not necessarily is marijuana controversial, the views related with the legalization of this thing are truly dubious. It is true that different persons have different views to see every object. So the view of peoples towards the legalization of marijuana varies with the person. In the United States, I have found that some of the people think that marijuana should be legalized because it is not much harmful as people’s belief and also there are lots of therapeutic values. Others believe that it is a drug and gateway to other drugs so it should not be legalized. And some believe that as it has both good and bad effects it should be legalized with certain condition. In this essay I am going to talk about the views of different people on the legalization of marijuana. “You don’t need to be cool to smoke weed, but if you smoke weed you are really cool”. I found this statement in one of the page in Facebook. ”(I love smoking weed)”. This statement surely encourages the teenagers to be attracted towards marijuana. Each and every thing related with marijuana increases the curiosity of…

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