Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Historically, marijuana has been an illegal substance in Canada since 1923, mainly because of the perspective that the harmful consequences of its abuse and its addictive nature outweigh the significant benefits of making it a legal drug. Although laws have evolved as culture and society has evolved, Canada continues to struggle with the decriminalization of marijuana, despite its numerous benefits, it continues to form an archaic boundary line. This essay will discuss: 1) how laws regarding the possession of marijuana have evolved; 2) how public attitudes have changed; and 3) the reasons why current laws should be changed to legalize marijuana.
In 1908, the Opium Act restricted Canadians use, sale, and importation of opium (Carstairs). By 1911, the Opium and Drug Act was introduced, which restricted the use of morphine, opium, and cocaine (Carstairs).If caught, the person would be charged a $50 fine and one month of jail time (Carstairs). By 1920 the Opium and Narcotic Drug Act was passed by the legislature (Carstairs). It was modified twice before being finalized in 1923. Sanctions became harsh as the prison sentences were longer. Cannabis, the scientific name for marijuana, was added to the list underneath the Narcotic Drug Act in 1923(Carstairs).Historians say Emily Murphy’s book, The Black Candle, that was published in 1922 became a motivation for cannabis to be added to the list of illegal substances (Jackel). In the book, she uses several solid connections between…

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