Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Making marijuana legal in all fifty states is one of the biggest debates going on right now. Well, that is, if it isn 't already legal in your hometown. There are twenty-five states that has it legalized. Alaska, New York, Oregon, and Maryland are just a few. There are possession limits that each state has issued, though. For example, Alaska is only allowed to have one ounce usable, which is six plants and Oregon is allowed to have up to twenty-four ounces useable, which equals to twenty-four plants. So, of course, other states are now hoping for their chance, but these states have legalized marijuana because it has improved conditions such as cancer, HIV, AIDS, epilepsy, and other disorders characterized by seizures. For decades and generations Americans only knew of marijuana as a powerful and dangerous drug. One that could rise the number of deaths and criminal behavior if it was allowed in their community. This fear came about in the United States in the early 1900’s just after the Mexican Revolution, As stated on At this particular time there was an influx of immigration from Mexico into states such as Texas and Louisiana. These new Americans brought their native language, culture, and customs. Of course, one of those customs were the use of cannabis as a medicine and relaxant. The Mexican immigrants referred to the plant as “marihuana.” Which is a foreign term. This issue is so important for the present because everyone needs to understand…

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