Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

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In 2000, the citizens of Colorado voted in an amendment to the Colorado constitution allowing for the legalization of medical marijuana. However, the amount of licensed medical marijuana card holders was small until 2009, when the U.S Attorney General gave the prosecution and legalization of marijuana over to the states. After this, the number of medical marijuana licenses increased greatly in Colorado. Then, in 2012, the sale of recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado, to all those over the age of 21, and retail stores began selling marijuana in 2014 (Monte). Public opinion on Marijuana is generally divided fifty-fifty across the United States. Some are strictly against its legalization, even for medical use, and want to see it harshly punished, while others would like to see it as readily available to the public as alcohol and cigarettes. However, in Colorado, one is able to see how the public opinion changes after marijuana’s legalization, as well as the changes in public health and usage of marijuana. Due to intergovernmental relations between the state and federal governments, governmental competition, and the cannabis laws passed by Colorado, the actions of the government have a great impact on the public’s approval of marijuana use, and the amount the public uses it. The powers of the government are divided up among the local, state, and federal level, and they work with one another through a series of intergovernmental relations. Powers are divided to

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