Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Marijuana, also known as cannabis, has been deemed an unacceptable and illegal substance in Canada, as well as in many other nations. It is a drug which can alter an individual’s sense of perception and distort one’s senses, and may become addictive if used repeatedly. Although marijuana is looked down upon in society when used for recreational purposes, it serves several beneficial purposes in the medical field. The legalization of marijuana is a prominent growing issue in several Canadian provinces, as it is allegedly believed to benefit the Canadian economy and decrease crime rates if it is legalized and regulated properly. The government spends millions of dollars to enforce new rules and regulation to control the use and trafficking of marijuana, however criminal acts involving marijuana are evidently still a current issue. The use, possession, and trafficking of marijuana has become a controversial social issue as there is an apparent dichotomy of those in favour and those against the legalization of marijuana. It will be argued that marijuana should become legalized due to the reasons that prohibition of marijuana has enormous social costs, because it is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco, and lastly because legalizing marijuana will decrease costs and help the economy grow.
Marijuana has been prohibited in Canada for more than 90 years, however, the use of Cannabis has remained the most common type of drug offence compared to other drugs, such as cocaine…

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