Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Have you ever had a dilemma and there was a solution to it but it was out of reach? Many people in United States suffer from sicknesses that can be help treated with marijuana. The “drug” marijuana has many benefits from minor day-to-day to life-changing benefits. Cancer, strokes, arthritis, stress, anxiety, and depression are just some instances. Marijuana has been a stigma of bias beliefs for many years. People fear that marijuana can have a negative impact on their health. Such as, breathe in smoke, brain damage, gateway to other drugs but marijuana is a safe substance that should be legalized in the United State. One of marijuana’s biggest advantage is the medical benefits you will receive from it. Medical marijuana can help many diseases some examples are depression, anxiety, severe seizures, stress, and cancer. One example of medical marijuana working for someone is former Daytime TV host Montel Williams. Williams was diagnosis with an illness call Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Multiple Sclerosis is a sickness affects him “the most is through neuralgic pain that I have in my lower extremities, meaning from my knees to the bottom of my feet, on both sides (William). He has taken almost every prescribed pain pill available. [“I have taken OxyContin, I 've taken Percocet, Ultracet, Vicodin, Lortab and the list goes on. To the point that at one point my digestive system was so messed up I had to do multiple cleanses just to get me going again. I now utilize, through a…

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