Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Marijuana is a controversial issue which has come into questionable scrutiny in society today. Although defamatory accusations have been made against the miracle plant, the truths are gradually beginning emerge. The truth, unfortunately, has come under excessive scrutiny due to a bromidic view the public has on a perceived “pot smoker”. This misconception of a lethargic and apathetic America is the by-product of over seventy years of propaganda and deceitfulness spread by private interests who required the plant illegal for their own personal gains. Marijuana presents several positive benefits, such as hemp cultivation, that far outweigh the negative and for that reason action should be taken to legalize it and the first step is…show more content…
From an industrial view, hemp contributes to many advantages over a great deal of resources that America currently employs. A frequent us for hemp is in the production of textile products. Hemp fibers are durable and strong which makes it ideal for the production of paper, rope, and fabric. Hemp produces a greater yield per acre than its competitor cotton. It has a cycle of growth of only a hundred days instead of cotton, which take a hundred-sixty. Seeds that hemp produces provide a higher amount of protein than soy, and according to U.S. Department of Agriculture, hemp can produce three times as much paper per acre of cannabis than trees do; another advantage is it can be harvested at a faster rate than trees (Wanlund). Reasonably, the most significant characteristic of hemp is its capability to produce a sizeable amount of the chemical cellulose. Cellulose, a compound that can be converted into a biofuel, can power everything that petrol currently does and is commonly being produced in the form of “energy crops;” mostly cotton and corn. Although we are producing cellulose through crops already, hemp holds the upper-hand because of its ability to be more quickly and frequently produced than cotton and has a higher yield by up to 400 percent more than what can be received from a corn stalk (Wanlund). In our current economic position, hemp could generate a large amount of revenue. The United States currently has to import its hemp

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