Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Drugs are constantly on the rise from place to place around the world. With new research completed on drugs and different medicated diagnosis, the increase for drug use will always have a reason to continue its growth. With these increases, more problems arise including side effects and addictions. Depending on the form of drug as well as the person using said drug, the reaction to the drug can vary as well as its effects.
There are many forms of any particular drug and have shown to be in easy access for those searching for said drug. At this point, the United States is at a state by state controversy based on the health facts with the act of legalizing marijuana and making sales. To begin, many states are already selling marijuana, but only to individuals who present a signed prescription. The requirements for medical marijuana have been discarded as marijuana users take advantage of this assistance to fulfill a “high”. The use of marijuana is a seamless example of the use of drugs in our society and displays the drug use in a beneficial format as well as the abused outlook. Another trending aspect of drug use among individuals is combining multiple drugs to cause a more fulfilling “high”.
One major drug on the streets that is making a huge impact on the individuals using them is Phencyclidine (PCP). PCP is a drug and has the effect that many other drugs have. Unlike marijuana, PCP is nowhere close to being legalized in any state and is still in the process of being…

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