Should Marijuana Be Legalized

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Should We Legalize Marijuana
Should Marijuana be legalize is one of the top debated issues in the United States. This issue has many people concerned why it should and why it should not be legalize. Marijuana is an herb mostly grown in South American countries and illegally smuggled in to United States. Pot is the most commonly used drug in America. The attempt to federally legalize marijuana has been going on for years. Today, the debate to legalize cannabis has become stronger. There is a campaign created known as the “420 Campaign,” it is a campaign that conveys the top ten reasons for legalizing cannabis ("High Times", 2012). The 420 Campaign, presents very good
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According to the article many have been arrested, some had their property taken from them. Some are facing charges and or criminal investigations for the cultivation or distribution of medical marijuana.

The DEA are not so much concerned about the medical marijuana patients and caregivers they will leave them alone. The major concern is the federal law does not recognize medical marijuana. However, they (DEA) are allowed to use the Controlled Substance Act to arrest people for the use and or operation of medical marijuana (

There is an easy access to providers of this drug because if the user is traveling from one state to another they can use an application on their iPhone by the name of weedMaps to locate a distributor be it medical or recreational. This plan allows the users to contact doctors and pharmaceuticals from other states for the distribution of this drug for personal use. That is why legalizing this drug can become addictive to the general public. Without written documentation from a person 's doctor affirming that the person suffers from a debilitating condition and might benefit from the medical use of marijuana the drug should not be distributed in another state.

Marijuana should be legalized because according to "High Times" (2012), “Marijuana use has positive attributes,
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