Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Legalizing Marijuana
Devin Lambert
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Mr. Swenson
May 6, 2015

Abstract. To many people around the world, it’s a relaxing herb, something to pull the mind from the hassles of reality. The smell is unforgettable, the potency can be various, and there are approximately seventy million people smoking it in the United States alone. You guessed it, I’m talking about Cannabis, the illegal drug known as marijuana. Quite recently, there has been a great deal of controversy involving marijuana. This controversy began three years ago in 2012, when the states of Washington and Colorado legalized marijuana for recreational use as well as medical use. In the year 2014, the states of Alaska and Oregon followed suit. Other states, such as Minnesota, New York, and Georgia, legalized medical marijuana, but not recreational marijuana. This caused quite an uproar across the nation, as other states then began to address the same question: should marijuana be legalized for recreational and/or medical use? In this paper I will discuss the reasons why marijuana should be legal and some of the negatives of legalizing it, and also a little bit of the history and science of marijuana.

Origins of Marijuana. Marijuana originated from the steppes of Central Asia, but has spread all over the world in the past thousand years. The history of cannabis can be traced back as far as 12,000 years ago, placing the plant among some of the earliest crops cultivated by…

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