Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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In 1973, marijuana was decriminalized in Oregon, Washington and became classified as a controlled substance for medical use. Cannabis marijuana is a drug derived from the group of planets that incorporates hemp, which can deliver a gentle feeling of euphoria. Alcohol is a flammable liquid that can be consumed in a beverage form, or could be used in industrial processes. In order to reduce crime and corruption, federal law prohibited alcohol use among people who are under 21 years old.
Stereotypical people view cannabis as an abusive drug that damages the human health with no poetical benefits. They often drink alcohol and criticize cannabis use without realizing that consuming alcohol can be more dangerous than cannabis. However, their point of view remains inconclusive because cannabis and alcohol share similarities and differences when analyzing the effects and laws.
Cannabis is one of the most effective drugs that cause enormous short-term and long term effects. Basically, the use of cannabis causes unpleasant experience which include anxiety and fear. These effects are more common among new users. It may also create difficulties especially in the user’s attention and memory. In addition, cannabis use causes psychomotor weakness that interferes with motor coordination of the abuser. When using marijuana regularly, it was reported that some individuals with schizophrenia encounter psychotic effects such as frequently significant social immobility, and inspiration loss
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