Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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One of the most divisive issues in America today is whether to legalize the cultivation, sale, and possession of cannabis. The prohibition of marijuana cost tax payers an annual of 12 billion dollars a year to prosecute recreational users as criminals which was a component in our deficit today. The current prohibition of marijuana makes criminals of otherwise law abiding cannabis users. Legalization will provide medical benefits of marijuana, and economic benefits of legal marijuana, and the re correct the societal harm that results from the current prohibition of marijuana on the federal level and the majority of states. Those in favor of the current prohibition claim “there are no good reasons to legalize marijuana”, but they do not know all of the plants benefits. Legalization of cannabis will be effective use in the treatment with many of the chronic illness, disease and chronic pain. Eighteen States including Illinois have enacted laws that allow for the production, regulation, and sale of medical marijuana to patients. Marijuana has two chemicals in its flower: THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabinoids). We have Cannabinoid receptors throughout our bodies; our two receptors are called Cb1 and Cb2. Cb1 is mainly found in our brain, and Cb2 is found throughout our immune system, in our spleen and lymph nodes. Cannabis with high levels of CBD’s trigger your receptors and serve a medical purpose. Numerous studies, doctors, and patients have found the use of…

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