Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Legalization of marijuana
For many generations, the legalization of marijuana has been a great debate but recently this debate has gained much attention. For many years the United States and other nations have spent millions on the ‘war on drugs’, although this war is not successful. The legalization of marijuana would not only be a brake-threw movement but would help many issues the United States is facing today. Cannabis has legitimate medical effects. The sales in many states have shown a great increase in revenue, not to mention prohibition has enormous social cost. Many may argue that the legalization would lead to higher use in other drugs, although studies show marijuana is not a gateway drug.
Every 37 seconds an arrest revolving around marijuana is made. Enforcing marijuana laws costs the US about $3.6 billion a year, yet the War on Marijuana has failed to diminish the use or availability of marijuana.(The War on marijuana) It can take a police officer many hours to arrest and book a suspect. That person will often spend a night or more in the local jail, and be in court multiple times to resolve the case (The War on Marijuana in Black and White). Not only are these arrest costing the country tons of money but is also causing much heart-ache for many otherwise law abiding citizens. The time and money spent on arresting these citizens could be put to a much better use. As seen, prohibition has an enormous social cost. In Colorado the crime rates sense marijuana has…

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