Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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The American people have been watching Reefer Madness since 1936 while reading the foreword: “Marihuana is that drug - a violent narcotic - an unspeakable scourge - The Real Public Enemy Number One!” Many Americans still believe that marijuana is a highly addictive and life threatening drug. However, there have been zero reported cases of cannabis overdose. Marijuana prohibition and propaganda have caused America to fail to benefit from marijuana legalization. The factors of the consequences of the cannabis ban, organized crime being responsible for the distribution of marijuana, the success of Colorado’s statewide legalization, and the American public becoming less opposed to the proposal of legalizing marijuana are causing America to move forward towards permitting cannabis. All of these reasons determine prohibition of marijuana is failing and causing more devastation than the plant itself. These are legitimate motives to have a nationwide repeal of the federal law which outlaws marijuana use or possession.
The current marijuana ban can be compared to the alcohol prohibition in the sense that if a substance becomes illegal, it does not necessarily indicate the demand will disappear (Stacy, Nguyen, and Block 245). The criminalization of marijuana has brought nothing but trouble upon America and its citizens. For example, the “War on Drugs” is a never ending battle with no victories or defeats because drugs, in all forms, are still purchased everywhere (249). About three…

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