Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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America is currently embroiled in a debate about the use of marijuana. Our nation is slowly moving in the direction of legalization for both medicinal and recreational use, but we’re still not actually sure of the effects that it will have on our society in the long term. I want to find out if using marijuana at a young age can be directly linked to an early death. By examining a group over a very long term, you could compare the age they started using marijuana and their age when they die. I’m very interested in this topic because, as a teenager, I personally have many friends who smoke marijuana or use it in some form, and it is directly relevant to me in that way. I also am studying to become a doctor, and marijuana is probably going to be as involved in our society just as much as alcohol is today, so I’m going to have to be familiar with it anyway.
In order to find studies pertinent to my topic, I used scholarly search engines such as google scholar and refseek with any relevant keywords. For some of the studies that were hidden behind paywalls I also took advantage of my universities subscriptions to many different online journals. At the time of this writing marijuana is legal in some way in only 25 states, meaning half the country is still deciding whether or not it should be decriminalized. 2016 is a voting year, and 5 states will have it on the ballot (DeMaria, 2016) in November. It won’t be long until it’s legal everywhere. Even in the places that it’s…

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