Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Doug Greene “We’ve been doing this for four decades, if we don’t get involved and do the hard work, its not going to go anywhere-Just coming here and listening to me speak and getting high is not going to change anything” (Lewis 1-2). The key phrase “getting high” clearly refers to the drug: marijuana. This particular drug has caused a war for Americans due to its benefits and side effects; they’re some that want to take the risk and some that don’t for legalization. Either way, the odds aren’t in anyones favor at the moment. Like people, marijuana has a past of its own. Back in 1970, Congress adopted the controlled substances act: this policy puts drugs in certain schedules (categories) based of its abuse and medicinal benefits. At the moment, marijuana falls under schedule 1:were drugs currently have no accepted medical use and have high potentials for abuse. This is significant because Congress and the federal government use this law to oversee medicinal and recreational marijuana: use, distribution, and growth in the present (White House). Congress isn’t the only one that uses this act, but the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) follows this policy also. The DEA sees marijuana as a dangerous substance due to its severe psychological and physical dependence (DEA). This is important because federal law bans the existence of marijuana entirely, yet some states took matters in their own hands like Colorado. In 2000, Colorado has legalized medicinal marijuana use for

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