Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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There is substantial evidence that certain components of marijuana can contribute to the healing and cure of many minor and major ailments. However, most of these studies have to be performed and proven off of U.S. soil or in secret since the FDA has not approved the medicinal use of marijuana and it has deemed a Schedule I drug by the DEA. Unfairly so, marijuana is treated as heroin in the eyes of the federal government. Marijuana can be manipulated by cross breeding to create certain strains with positive healing properties rather than other properties which cause the “head high”, often times considered psychotropic. The CBDs inside of marijuana have helped with epilepsy syndromes, cancer, bowel diseases, HIV/AIDS, and mental disorders to name a few. In the researching process for this paper, it was found that prominent doctors and other public figures that have previously been very open that they were strongly against marijuana have since completed research and are now seeing that marijuana can be used to heal and make some individuals lives more comfortable. From a young boy whose personality was never able to shine through because of several seizures a day, to the advancement in social and educational constructs of children involved in Marijuana studies done while in the womb. The lack of education and misrepresentation concerning marijuana is what has been keeping this healer off of the market, even in regulatory form. Marijuana has been ruled as a Schedule I drug…

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