Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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With recreational drugs becoming more common in our society, the public is growing more concerned with the negative effects of these substances, especially the effects of marijuana. Those who do not know enough about drugs generally think that “marijuana is bad for you” or “marijuana can kill people”. Although these preconceived notions do not often have scientific data as backup, there have also been multiple studies supporting the claims that marijuana is detrimental to people´s health. Even though today many people, especially teenagers, do support the legalization of marijuana, this recreational drug is detrimental to health because it affects motor skills, mental abilities, and suppresses motivation, and therefore should not be…show more content…
According to a study performed at the University of Michigan, 36.4% of teenagers smoked marijuana before reaching their junior year in high school. Those who haven’t smoked it before claim that their peers who do use marijuana pressure them to partake in smoking it with them in a social setting. Secondly, people who smoke cigarettes on a day-to-day life are more likely to smoke illegal drugs. For many teenagers, smoking marijuana is a way to fight against anxiety, depression or boredom. Nevertheless, consuming drugs is just a method to avoid problems, and ignoring these issues only exasperates the problems in their lives.
While teenagers think that their problems will disappear, it just creates a more problematic situation in their lives. Home and social life, school, and emotional or physical feelings are several examples of these problems. Home and social life problems can be very harmful to the person, and can cause them to develop poor relationships with their family members. Stealing money or valuable items that belong to their own parents is, in many cases, one of the most frequent acts that occur. Selling the valuable items provides them with the money to buy the drugs. Other problems that occur with a drug problem are not coming home on time or not telling a family member where he or she is going. Addressing the school problems, missing or skipping school can be one main consequence of consuming drugs. This leads the person to have a
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