Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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I know at this point many will think; ok, maybe tobacco and alcohol are worse than marijuana, however legalizing this drug will only lead to an increase in violent crimes, and will cause more accidents on the road due to impaired driving. Furthermore, it will increase the use among teens and minors. As well as becoming a gateway drug that will lead to other dangerous drugs, and what about the use of the drug while a woman is pregnant, how will that effect a baby in the womb? Let me begin by saying, that at this moment there is no research that indicates that a woman smoking marijuana can hurt an unborn baby, but just like tobacco and alcohol it is not safe for a pregnant woman or woman breast feeding to use the drug. With any substance there will always be risk that can be harmful to an unborn baby or babies who are breast fed. But without any research we will never know what effects it can have, the more reason why they should take marijuana off Schedule I and allow for more research to be done. Secondly, there is no conclusive evidence to support that the drug effects of marijuana are linked to the abuse of other illicit drugs. However, the use of smoking and alcohol in underage teens has opened up a gateway to the use of other drugs, marijuana included but rarely to be the first one. In my younger years, I’ve met various types of people, who began drinking, partying and being exposed to different drugs. Not one of them will tell you that they begin by smoking marijuana.

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