Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Legalizing Marijuana
Marijuana, or cannabis, is a prepared marijuana plant that is intended to play a role in medicine as well as being a psychoactive drug (Kilmer 45). The psychoactive element found in cannabis is known as the tetrahydrocannabinol abbreviated as THC. THC is one of the 483 compounds of the plant that have been identified. Mainly, cannabis is consumed because of its psychoactive and physiological effects that is has on the consumer. Today, marijuana is used for its medicinal values as well as a recreational drug. Other uses might include religious and spiritual rites performed by people (Kaplan 722). Marijuana has been surrounded by legal issues. This paper seeks to delineate the reasons for and against legalization of marijuana while exploring the side effects that are caused by extended use of marijuana.
In most parts of the world, possession, use or growth of marijuana is deemed as illegal. For this reason, it has been noted by the United Nations as the most illicit drug used in the whole world. In other countries, marijuana is legalized and used as health herbal therapies (Vitiello 1349). Countries such as Netherlands, Belgium and Uruguay are some of the countries where marijuana is legalized. Uruguay is named as the first country in the whole world to legalize the use, growth, sale and distribution of marijuana. In the United States, majority of young people aged below 30 years have endorsed the fact that marijuana use and purchase is legalized in…

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