Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Legalizing Marijuana Marijuana, or cannabis, is a prepared marijuana plant that is intended to play a role in medicine as well as being a psychoactive drug (Kilmer 45). The psychoactive element found in cannabis is known as the tetrahydrocannabinol abbreviated as THC. THC is one of the 483 compounds of the plant that have been identified. Mainly, cannabis is consumed because of its psychoactive and physiological effects that is has on the consumer. Today, marijuana is used for its medicinal values as well as a recreational drug. Other uses might include religious and spiritual rites performed by people (Kaplan 722). Marijuana has been surrounded by legal issues. This paper seeks to delineate the reasons for and against legalization of…show more content…
It is reported that in 2012, Colorado and Washington voters endorsed any initiative that was meant to legalize the use, commercial production and even distribution of marijuana to anyone above 21 years old. Non-medical retail of marijuana kicked off in January in Colorado State and nineteen other states have followed Colorado in legalizing marijuana. Over the years, marijuana has been widely linked with a series of effects on the users which are not medical at all (Vitiello 1349). Health deterioration, poor memory, poor self –confidence, poor grades and organization are some of the side effects that are heavily associated with the use of marijuana. While twenty states have endorsed the sale of marijuana to the public, other states are reconsidering this move. The abrupt change of people’s opinions regarding the legalization of marijuana are alarming and researchers predict that in the next two decades, most countries will follow suit and legalize marijuana (Kaplan 729). This paper seeks to delineate the reasons for and against legalization of marijuana while exploring the side effects that are caused by extended use of marijuana. Legalizing marijuana would give the federal law a hands-off approach to marijuana growing in the United States. This is because of state laws that are placed to regulate use and selling of marijuana. The state-by-state way of handling marijuana has thereby suppressed the DEA’s power to handle such cases with
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