Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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With the legalization of the use, sale, and distribution of marijuana taking place in varied geographic, social and political areas, the laws governing its distribution and consumption are as varied as the states in which the practices take place. As previously stated, some states allow for the consumption of marijuana as a medicinal product only, and require a prescription from your physician. Partaking of the drug in these states without a prescription will result in varied punishments depending on the jurisdiction in which the infraction takes place. From a simple fine to extended prison time, the difference in punishments can be significant. Because of these potential penalties, business people entering the marijuana industry, as with any highly regulated industry, need to know the laws and regulations in their region in order to operate their business effectively, efficiently, and remain within the boundaries of the law.
In Colorado, business has exploded throughout the state as entrepreneurs seek to meet the demand of the growing population of marijuana users. Since the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, its sales have steadily increased. According to Fortune magazine, the sale of legal marijuana increased by 42 percent in 2015, thereby bringing the total sales for the year up to nearly a billion dollars. (Huddleston 2016). This increase in economic activity has obviously increased the state GDP and helped to further stimulate the already robust Coloradan economy.…

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