Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Marijuana is a very significant and controversial issue in today’s society. Derogatory claims have been made about marijuana, otherwise known as cannabis or hemp. Marijuana arrived in North America with Christopher Columbus around 1492 A.D. The leafy flowering hemp plant, known as marijuana, was used for industrial goods such as clothing, ropes, and sails (Tudor). Distinguishing between marijuana and hemp has always been confusing. Plants containing less than one percent THC are called hemp, which is used in the production of industrial products. Plants containing ten to twenty percent THC are known as marijuana (Tudor). Without properly educating themselves on the history about marijuana, numerous individuals are against the legalization…show more content…
). Between 1937 and 1947, the American government fueled a propaganda war against marijuana, declaring the plant as a source of evil because it could hurt the body, and its use was portrayed as a sin. “During the 1930’s, public attention shifted to marijuana (which was still illegal),” but several years later, “The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 required all marijuana dealers to register and pay an occupational tax,” resulting in “few tax stamps issued” (Kleber and Califano Jr.). The outcome of the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 basically made marijuana illegal. As time went on, lawmakers had no tolerance or interest in distinguishing differences between illegal drugs. Therefore, marijuana has remained banned. The reason marijuana was made illegal has nothing to do with health issues; it was just simple American business. Blame is placed on marijuana usage as being the reason why people commit crimes. Marijuana has been associated with crime in a vast number of areas because those who are arrested have tested positive for marijuana use. Those against legalization believe that legalizing marijuana will lead to increased availability of drugs which will ultimately lead to violence and crime (“Drug Enforcement Administration”). “Marijuana is a gateway to crime” in that “marijuana was used most commonly,” therefore causing “crimes of robbery and theft” to “obtain money for drugs” (Duke). It is believed that “by keeping marijuana illegal,” the result will

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