Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Abu Matar 1 Mahmoud Abu Matar English Composition 2 Research Paper 14 April 2015 Legalizing Marijuana Marijuana is most commercialized drug in the world, so why not just legalize it? Although there are legal restraints against marijuana, 1 in 3 Americans have tried it, out of curiosity at least once. Multiple studies have proven that, marijuana is psychologically and physically healing. Medical marijuana should be legalized for its beneficial advantages, such as, treating or preventing health conditions, increases in tax revenues, and improvements in our communities. Marijuana, most commonly referred to as, "weed," is the country 's most utilized drug that society purchases, sells, and produces. While the controversy against marijuana being used for recreational purposes continues, numerous people believe that it could be used for medicinal purposes. Pro-marijuana advocates vote and support the idea of legalizing marijuana, so that researchers can study and better understand how cannabis effects the brain and body. One of the most frequent studies tested with marijuana is, the positive effects it has on health issues. This report seeks to provide this guidance by summarizing the most recently published scientific research (2000-2013) on the therapeutic use of cannabis and cannabinoids for 20 clinical indications( - Working to Reform Marijuana Laws). Researchers have found at least two types of chemicals in marijuana that has medical potential. One of the chemicals

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