Should Marijuana Be Legalized For Medical Purposes?

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According to government surveys, about 25 million Americans have smoked marijuana in the past year. More than 14 million do it regularly. (NORML: Working to Reform Marijuana Laws, 2015) Marijuana has been the topic of much discussion these past decades. The main factor of discussion is whether or not to legalize it and the outcome it would have on the states. Some states have already legalized but for medicinal purposes only. Much research has come out in this decade that marijuana just isn’t for your average drug junkie but it can be for someone who is going through cancer treatment, has anxiety, or has constant seizures. While there are some people who believe that marijuana is a gateway drug and if it is legalized for medical purposes…show more content…
Marijuana has been used by humans for at least five thousand years and govern or band for the last seventy years. Hemp fibers have been found in cave dwelling excavations throughout Asia. Marijuana’s popularity grew from India, to Europe, and then to the New World, where it was used by the early settlers as an economically useful fiber crop. Early drafts of the Declaration of Independence were even written on hemp paper. (Stewart, 2009) With marijuana being a much discussed topic these past few decades; medical journals are not the only thing that has been affective by its sudden popularity but also pop culture has taken its fair share of influences from this mind altering drug. Music, literature, news and even Hollywood have had their fair share of prominence of this drug feature within itself. Musicians have either featured cannabis in their music videos, have made entire songs about smoking it, talked about it in interviews, or have been seen smoking it. Some actors and actresses of Hollywood have become advocates of legalizing marijuana. There are scenes in TV shows and movies where the characters are smoking cannabis or talking about getting high. There was even a whole TV series about marijuana called Weeds with an entire plot about marijuana. (Zelizer, 2014) Literature has even taken hit from the oh so popular hypnotic
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