Should Marijuana Be Legalized For Recreational Purposes?

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Cannabis Sativa L is known on the street as Marijuana, Weed, or Herb. It is grown naturally and scientifically all over the world. Should it be legalized for recreational purposes? Can the federal government gain a significant amount of revenue due to its sales? Such questions bring up serious debates. Half of society has chimed in and agreed to the sale of marijuana in various polls. (Caulkins, 2013). The current increase in the legalization of marijuana continues to maintain its popularity and publicized debates. It is known for its abilities to increase relaxation, increase appetite, and enhance the senses. Ultimately, it is considered illegal in numerous nations and has a negative connotation. After drastic hardship in the nation, the sale of marijuana could be the next step in enhancing the economy. The harvesting, production, recreational use, and overall sale of marijuana could be a great economic benefit in terms of prevalence of crime and tax revenue. Years of research has gone into the use of marijuana. Marijuana possesses a chemical called THC. Deta-9-tetrahydracannabrinol, or THC, is the most well studied and well known component (Jaslow). THC has the ability to modify one’s mood. Organizations have provided a lot of factual evidence about the advantages and disadvantages of the purposes of marijuana. There are numerous possibilities in terms of medicine. Marijuana can aid those that suffer from cancer and other serious conditions (Hermes). Drugs…
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