Should Marijuana Be Legalized For Recreational Use

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In November 2016, the majority of California voted yes to proposition 64, which supports legalizing recreational marijuana for anyone who is 21 years old or older. Anyone ages 21 years or older are able to purchase, possess, and produce marijuana without a medical marijuana card. Fortunately, there are regulations that will come in effect starting 2017 but this may not prevent our children from future drug abuse. In this essay, I will argue that marijuana should not be legalized for recreational use. I do not support the legalization of marijuana because it can be harmful and addictive to our bodies and will affect our current and future adolescents. First, we need to know what voting no means on proposition 64. If California voted no,…show more content…
Marijuana has over 100 chemicals and the main ingredient that alters the mind is THC. THC is tetrahydrocannabinol, which is a psychoactive chemical responsible for the intoxicating effects that people enjoy (“What is Marijuana,” 2017, pp. 2). When you are on a high, you can often feel a sense of relaxation and a euphoria. One way to achieve a high, is by inhaling smoke into your lungs. But the amount of chemicals that marijuana has must have damaging risks to the human body. Ultimately, the chemicals have to somehow enter the body and it can be done in many ways. When marijuana is smoked, chemicals are entered into the bloodstream from the lungs. When marijuana is ingested, the chemicals are reduced because it must initially pass through the digestive system (“What are Marijuana Effects,” 2017, pp. 1-2). Ironically, many people claim that marijuana produces a good high but many people can also have a bad experience. Some people may feel paranoia, fear, anxious, or even panic. Even though studies claim that there are many benefits to marijuana, there are also many negative side effects that can be dangerous. As a consequence, more teens are beginning to use marijuana which can be dangerous to their mind and body. Teens are beginning to abuse marijuana and have even claimed that regular smoking isn’t harmful. Teens shouldn’t be smoking marijuana because their brains are still developing and can cause a disruption in the development process. According to the
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