Should Marijuana Be Legalized Medical Marijuana?

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Unit 4 Assignment
Marquetta Wiggins
Instructor: Dr. Eva Skuka
February 3, 2015


Today’s society this has change in some many ways. For instances laws has change some for the good and some for the bad. In this paper we be discussing whether to continue the federal prosecution of medical marijuana patients and their providers under the accordance with the federal controlled substance Act. There are so many opinions that people have on this issues. Some people may disagree with congress for passing this law and they may feel that it’s giving people the right to smoke marijuana freely and then you have some people that agree with this law being pass. Because they may feel that it’s helping people with different disease and with their chronic pain. Then you can’t say that they just want to smoke marijuana freely because all states have not passed the law that has legalized medical marijuana.

My first initial position of legalized medical marijuana I was against it mainly because I thought it was just for people to have fun. I never thought that it could be something that helps people with their medical condition. After during research on this topic I take the position of that they shouldn’t be prosecution for having medical marijuana as long as they have a prescription for it from a board doctor that has the right to practices medicine.
There have been some studies conduct about medical marijuana from the center for medical…
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