Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Tia Carter
Phil 4 Section 81
Legalization of Marijuana There has been a tremendous amount of debates on whether or not to legalize marijuana in the United States. Marijuana has been used and is continuously being used by individuals for medicinal purposes and recreational use. As of today there are only five states in which “legalized small amounts of marijuana, such as: Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Washington D.C., and Alaska” (“Marijuana Legalization and Regulation”). Citizens seem to have different views on passing a law that allows marijuana use. People argue their position with supporting or opposing reasons on this topic. I argue for and support making marijuana legal for three different reasons. The reasons are: medical benefits, raising revenue, and lowering organized crime and arrests. I will emphasize on the opposing reasons on legalizing marijuana, such as: marijuana is a gateway drug, alters awareness, and increases the chance of teens using the drug.
One of the most critical consequences of marijuana being illegal is that extremely ill citizens do not have legal access to it. There are people traveling across the nation to states that legalized marijuana just to relieve themselves from the treacherous pains and illnesses. Marijuana is known to treat those with “medical conditions including cancer, AIDS, and glaucoma” (“Medical Marijuana”). Most people notice that regular medication isn’t cutting it for their condition, therefore, doctors will recommend…

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