Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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More than half of college students throughout their academic career have either experienced or been exposed to some type of illicit drug. One of the most commonly found illicit drugs found on college campuses have been marijuana. Marijuana is used to amplify perception, affect the frame of mind, and relax. Signs of marijuana use includes red eyes, sluggishness, and awkward body movement. With the usage of marijuana in earlier years being illegal in all states in America, the last couple of years have made a few changes when it comes to marijuana and making it legal within twenty seven states for medical uses only. Among those twenty seven states seven of those states allow marijuana for recreational purposes. With the medical marijuana movement and the legalization of recreational marijuana use in seven states it has truly set the tone for more of a laid back attitude when it comes to the usage of marijuana especially within college campuses. Although, non-smoking and drug enforcement rules have been put into place on college campuses all over America, it still does not deteriorate the whole fact of marijuana being one of the most commonly used drugs among college campuses. Which leads to the questioning of, "How can marijuana usage on college campuses affect the academic life of students?" College campuses throughout America may in fact need to take more drastic measures when it comes to the usage and ease of access when it comes marijuana within college campuses.

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