Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Drug use has always remained an issue of controversy as it centers on the health and wellbeing of all human life in our nation. The dynamic of whether we should legalize marijuana for recreational use is evident and typically harmful. The American Academy of Pediatricians has summarized in a statement some of the negative effects stemming from marijuana use for youths. As well as a report from the national Fatality Analysis Reporting System, which has confirmed that consuming marijuana can remain at times more fatal than drinking while under the influence of alcohol. There is also the issue of foodborne illnesses in the edible products involving marijuana sold in Colorado, which has led to either overconsumption, increase in overdoses or both resulting from the use of marijuana. Although, cannabis may be considered a beneficial drug in the medical profession to a point, marijuana used as a recreational drug has serious side effects to individuals and the results can be harmful if misused. Recreational marijuana use has an overabundance of different major side effects that can be potentially dangerous if left to people with a lack of responsibility, and in the hands of human beings with the possibility of self-destruction. Hence, with this powerful ability comes consequences that people fail to think about when mistreatment over a lengthy period by individuals of marijuana use is exceeded, that this drug could result in impairment of judgement, in body parts shutting

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