Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Legalization of Marijuana

Legalizing Medical Marijuana can help patients with relief from nausea and appetite loss, reduction of muscle spasms and relieve from chronic pain. Helpful for treatment for the AIDS-- reduces the nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite, Glaucoma -- reduces pressure relieving the pain and sometimes stopping damage to the eyes, Cancer -- excite appetite and relieving nausea and vomiting, and Epilepsy -- stops seizures. There are a huge volume of reports and studies which state that marijuana is highly effective in treating a number of illnesses, and it can make a highly achieved replacement for several types of medication, many of which having countless horrible side effects. “Many California doctors recommend the drug because they’ve seen salutary results with marijuana with marijuana not found with its legal pill form equivalent, Marinol.”( Minamide, Elaine. "Medical Marijuana":pg14)

In a survey of fifty Canadians users of marijuana for medical purposes, the participants stated that the drug helped to ease a assortment of symptoms Number of participants who reported that their symptoms were eased by the use of marijuana ( some have reported two or more )
Problems sleeping 28
Loss of appetite 21
Nausea of pain (including menstrual cramps and headaches) 14
Depression 12
Anxiety/tension 11
Tics and muscular spasms 10
Seizures 4
Loss of energy 3
Difficult breathing 9 asthma-related) 2
Craving for heroin 2
Anger 1
Eye irritation and double vision…

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