Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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The public has been told how bad marijuana is for the longest time without ever addressing the facts behind what it does to the human body. Which one is really safer though, marijuana or alcohol? Contrary to popular belief marijuana is safer and more beneficial than alcohol is, when examining the health effects on the brain and the body during consumption as well as long term. Meanwhile bars stay open till 2 am every night and no one questions that alcohol is very detrimental to a person’s health and can even kill when consumed. Although some authority figures may claim that marijuana is a gateway drug or can lead to heart attacks most research shows that these impressions are false.
The way in which marijuana, also known as cannabis or ganja, is perceived by the world is largely due in part to the United States Federal Drug Administration’s ruling in 1970 stating that the drug had no medical value (Bostwick 2012). The problem with this ruling was that United States Congress had not done the normal scientific evaluation process and testimony required before such a legislative action (Bostwick 2012). Placing cannabis in the Schedule 1 drugs made further unbiased testing of the drug harder to do as the only federally authorized source of cannabis grown is at the University Mississippi (Bostwick 2012). The problem with this is that anyone who would want to further research and test the drug would have to go through the National Instituted of Drug Abuse, which as Bostwick had…

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